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The Town's Loyalty Program

We expect, you, the residents and businesses of the Town of Norwood to benefit from your town loyalty by keeping your money in town.

"Your loyalty pays"

Thousands of Norwood residents and businesses are taking advantage of the Town's TV, Internet & Phone Services. They have realized millions of dollars of combined savings over the last 6+ years. This money stays in town.

"Keep your money in Town"

- It's your town.
- It's your broadband company.
- Invest in your Town & Community.
- Build value in your Town & Community.
- Everyone benefits.

Norwood Light Broadband

"For the People, by the People."

Do you own a house or business in Norwood? Do you have children that go to school in Norwood? Your money will do a lot more good keeping it in town instead of lining the pockets of muti-billion dollar conglomerates like Verizon & Comcast. When you write out a check to the Town of Norwood, your money stays in town working for you.

Learn more about the Town of Norwood Loyalty Program.